Jace: I think video games are better. There is more action so they are more fun. You can see the pictures and you can be part of the story with your character.

Dad:  I think books are better. In every chapter there is a new adventure that can all come together in a surprise ending. In books every reader can imagine the characters and story differently.

We both like video games and books, but Jace likes video games better, and Dad likes books better. Which do you like better?


yellow bellied salamander pic

On early release day I went on a hike with my Cub Scout Troop. We went to Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. We saw a lot of yellow belly salamanders. They were on a leaf. It is a really fun park. There are paths to walk on, and a lot of animals and birds. We got a book with interesting facts about the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. Did you know that it has nearly 200 species of birds, 50 species of mammals, and 25 species of amphibians and reptiles.  Do you like to hike? Where is your favorite place to hike?



My Resolutions


This year I would like to make some resolutions. I’m going to tell them to you.

1. Read more this year.

2. Eat more fruit.

3. Try harder and pay attention in school.

4. Spend less time inside.

5. Learn more math.


Our class is making a kindness chain. Each time we do an act of kindness we write our name and what we did on a piece of paper and take it to school to add to the kindness chain. That way we can see the different kind acts that we do.  It also shows that one act of kindness links to another act of kindness, and that makes a chain of kindness in the world.

I am doing acts of kindness by helping my family. I helped my Dad clean my sister’s fishbowl to help her.  Every day after school when my Dad drives me home I take everything out of the car for him, like my coat and backpack, and my Dad’s coat and briefcase, and anything else in the car. I also take out my lunchbox right away and clean it out so he doesn’t have to do that when he makes my lunch in the morning.


The Grizzly Bear


Grizzly bears are amazing animals. Even though they’re pretty high on the food chain, grizzly bears have predators too! Some of their predators include humans or other grizzly bears. Grizzly bears have been known to attack humans if they feel breached or threatened, so if you ever get lucky enough to see one stay away a comfortable distance! Some of the favorite snacks you might see a grizzly bear munching on are fish, preferably salmon, deer, nuts, fruits, and leaves. What do you know about grizzly bears?

My Favorite Things About Me!


Hi! My name is Jace. I am eight years old. Today i am going to tell you about what I like to do. I like to eat pizza and play video games. See this picture? This is my favorite game. It’s called “Star Wars”. Star Wars is a game that is fun because you can play as Storm Troopers or play as Sky Walker.  I like to play a Storm Trooper.

What are your favorite things to do in your life?

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